Forum Rules - READ THIS

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Forum Rules - READ THIS

Post by CrazyBob »

Welcome to our new forums!

These forums are private. We reserve the right to refuse access to the forums to any user for any reason we see fit.
These forums may contain explicit material, which might not be suitable for minors.
These forums may contain material which is considered offensive by certain people. You are responsible for avoiding any content which you find offensive.
All content posted is the responsibility of the user who posted it.

The opinions expressed on these forums are those of the individual users and do not state or reflect the views of the CrazyBob's Cops And Robbers administration team.
The information and content on these forums are the property of the individual users who posted it. You may not post, copy, reproduce or otherwise use any content from these forums for any purpose without the written permission from the user who posted the content.

Failure to follow the rules will result in a warning. If you reach 5 warnings, your account will be placed on probation and you will not be able to post for 5 days.
Once your account is fully re-enabled, each additional warning will result in your account being disabled for one week. (7 days)
If you reach 10 warnings, your account will be entirely disabled for one month. (30 days)
Warnings are automatically removed after 90 days.
Please note that these are only guidelines, your account could be placed on probation or disabled by an administrator for an unlimited period of time at their discretion.

Here are the forum rules:
- The main rule is: use common sense. We aren't very strict about what / when / where you post, but we ask that you use a little common sense.
- Post in the right section. We have different sections for a reason, try to post in an appropriate section.
- Do not spam. This one is pretty simple, multiple useless/pointless posts will be considered spam. This includes spamming PMs.
- Do not advertise. Any external links must be relevant. This isn't the place to recruit people for your new pyramid scheme.
- No application downloads. For everyone's security, you may not post links to application / script downloads.
- No explicit sexual content. Nudity is allowed here, however this isn't a porn forums. Nothing explicit please.
- No illegal content or links, including links to any sites containing illegal material.
- Do not bump old topics for no reason. Unless you have something useful to add, don't reply on old topics for no reason.
- Do not troll / insult people / start flame wars. If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all. This doesn't apply to the Bitching and Moaning section
- Do not post someone's picture or private information without their permission.
- Respect board specific rules! This one is important. Some boards have specific rules about posting and replying. Not following these rules is sure to result in a warning.
- Do not argue with moderators / admins. If you have a problem with how they're doing their job, send them a private message.
- Do not share your account. Accounts being used by multiple people will be disabled.
- No backseat moderation. Let the moderators do their jobs. Report posts if necessary, but do not abuse the report feature.

These rules may change at any time.
Admins may enforce the rules in any way they see fit.

Thank you
The CnR Team
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