banned for ban evade Twinkle758

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banned for ban evade Twinkle758

Post by woudellj »

Hi I was banned for killing a guy by city hall in a car for no reason was with a friend I met in-game he was new trying to help him out an I got banned for team deathmatch on the 16th which was set to expire yesterday joined the game playing fine then I got banned again for ban evade which I dont know anything about. now this is unfair because I didn't do such and I now have a banned set to expire on the 5th of January can I get assistance towards this issue because it is unfair I was playing with my friend el. this morning whom I just met I lost all my money and my house I bought an gave el co owner to.
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Re: banned for ban evade Twinkle758

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You got banned on the 16th, and disabled on the 21st.
CrazyBob wrote: Sat Jul 31, 2010 7:48 pm If you're banned:
Bans expire after 2 weeks.
If you or someone using your ip were banned for cheating, you cannot appeal your ban. Posting here, claiming it was your brother or cat, or begging to be unbanned will only make your ban last longer. You will have to wait until your ban expires. Everything is logged, so please, save us and yourself the time and effort.
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