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Help with game problems not related to CnR.
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Re: Help me

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Lypex wrote:My ShadowPlay is still working, try using Windowed mode by pressing Alt + Enter while in game and see if that helps.

Otherwise, the solutions could be drivers, running as administrator, moving process priorities, freeing up disk space, re-install GeForce Experience, or uninstalling any GTA-SA mods (not pointing any fingers). You are using an NVIDIA GPU, correct?
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Re: Help me

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Rensar wrote:You can also try to use DDU (Display Driver Uninstaller) to completely remove your current drivers and install them again.
LefT4Dead wrote:try to update your gpu drivers
you 2 make completely no sense, from what i see from this detailed problem explanation his shadowplay crashes ,how does that have to do with your gpu drivers?its obviously a bug that nvidia has to bother fixing.Not to mention he has other recording options until they fix the issue, such as : OBS(really good option) dxtory and etc.refrain from posting if you have no actual idea how to help the dude just to increase your post count especially you left4dead
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