Banned? Can't Connect? READ THIS FIRST.

Banned from the server(s)? Can't connect? Visit this section.
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Banned? Can't Connect? READ THIS FIRST.

Post by CrazyBob »

If you try to connect and the server says: "You are banned from this server":
1) Try connecting again. Due to a bug, you might get this message even if you haven't been banned.
2) You are banned.

If you're banned:
Bans expire after 2 weeks.
If you or someone using your ip were banned for cheating, you cannot appeal your ban. Posting here, claiming it was your brother or cat, or begging to be unbanned will only make your ban last longer. You will have to wait until your ban expires. Everything is logged, so please, save us and yourself the time and effort.
If you were banned for another reason and would like to appeal your ban, feel free to post in this section (New Thread).
Please note that admins cannot get to all the unban requests. In some cases, you will simply have to wait for your ban to expire.

Can I play on the other server? No, you can't, unless you post here and receive permission from a server admin to play on the other server.

If you cannot see the server information in the server browser:
1) Make sure the server isn't down. Check game-monitor (pictures below) to see if the servers are up. Or, join IRC and ask there.
2) Make sure you can see other servers properly in the server browser.
3) If the cnr servers are up, and you can't see them but you can see other servers properly, you are probably range banned.

If you're range banned:
Range bans don't usually expire. If you really didn't do anything wrong, please post in this section (New Thread) with your CnR User name and when you became banned. Your ip is included with your post, so you don't need to post it. Please note that everything is logged, if you cheated you will not be unbanned. Furthermore, we cannot remove all range bans for security reasons. If this is the case, we are sorry for the inconvenience.

If you connect and get the "Your ISP has been banned due to abuse" message:
If you really didn't do anything wrong, please post in this section (New Thread) with your CnR User name. If you aren't registered on CnR (new user), please provide the nick you would like to have registered. Please check the Player Stats page first to make sure the nick you want isn't taken.

Server 1:

Server 2: