I got falsebanned

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I got falsebanned

Post by silentmoe »

I robbed Stella from the passenger seat and they suicided and I got banned for ninjajack? I didn't ninja jack them and this is my first ban ever on the server despite me being here for several years. Please investigate.

Edit to clarify: I was outside the bank and I was running toward's Stella's car. I was sprinting forwards and I got in from the passenger seat. I was trying to rob the car and drive off and Stella died as a result. I wasn't intending to ninjajack and I wasn't sure how it happened. I want to apologise for that. I still don't think that two weeks for a first offence is fair.

I also thought I was autobanned by the server so that's why I've said what I have.
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Re: I got falsebanned

Post by Stella »

I don't understand what you are trying to say. Who is they/them? Suicided? Who?? You did not rob me, you got banned for ninjajacking me and it was obvious that you knew what you were doing. You can join the game again after you serve your punishment.