Disable Appeal - Suspected Cop DM

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Disable Appeal - Suspected Cop DM

Post by Corky »

Hello guys!


I've just been disabled by Rensar in SF for "COP DMING" which is actually a mistake.

In fact, i got constantly attacked by multiple players (cops and civilians) and i was just defending myself.

Rensar disabled me at the moment i was shooting another cop who was trying to carpark me.

For that i got disabled 3 days which i think is unfair since i'm a known player not breaking rules or being a cop dmer as said by Rensar.

I appreciate admins efforts to make servers safe but the ones attacking me should've been punished, not me.

Appealing then the 3-day disable please. I hope you will think again regarding your decision.

Thanks for reading me, cheers!
- Previously WestRes -
Thanks guys <3

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Re: Disable Appeal - Suspected Cop DM

Post by Rensar »


there's been several instances of you attacking defenseless suspects that were no harm to you. I'm sure since I was watching you way more than you probably think.

The last incident with payam - he got punished shortly after you got disabled, then banned since he repeatedly failed to follow the rules.

I'm certain such a knowledgeable and experienced player such as you know cops are not supposed to shoot at each other for whatever reason - that's what hits are for. Re-read the rules and stop being such a toxic attention seeker, thank you.

The disable will not be removed.