Guide - Planting drugs

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Guide - Planting drugs

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Guide: Planting drugs

You don't know how to plant drugs? Then this is the right place for you and to learn how to plant drugs.

Step 1:

You can plant drugs at any skills (except police officer skill) but drug dealer skill have more advantages than other skills. So I suggest you to choose drug dealer skill.
As a drug dealer you can carry 10 fertilizers,20 plant seeds,10 deer traps and 5 lab equipment.
Maximum size of carrying is 2500 grams of drugs, but you can buy drug bag to carry more (5000 grams).

Those things are available at Drug Refill Point (R icon in mini-map). This is the icon in-game Image

Step 2:
You should go at Drug Refill Point to get fertilizers,seeds and deer traps.

Step 3:
As a drug dealer, you must find a good place to plant your plants because others might steal your plants. If you have a good place, then let's start.

Step 4:
After step 3, there are few commands to plant seeds.

/seed - to set your seeds at the place but there should be a space between other seeds.
The maximum of planting drugs is 5, you can't plant more than 5 seeds. Also your plant will grow with time.


/fertilize - will grow faster your plant but deer will be more attracted to it.
You can use 1 fertilize per plant. Deer can eat your plant and you will lose it.



/harvest - You will be able to harvest your plant.


/trap - You will be able to protect your plants from deer.
Also you can kill deer or hippie with traps. You will get a bonus for every kill. If someone is trying to steal your plants, they will get injured by traps.

$5000 for killing a deer
$20000 for killing an hippie and you will be wanted level 6 (4 stars)





/plantgps - You should be able to see the size of your plants and deer traps.
You can buy this at Drug Refill Point but depends on you. This is extra and necessary, but even without it, you can see your plants at /inventory.

/prices - set the prices.


Minimum size is 2 grams and the maximum is 200 grams.
You will get +1 score for each harvest but higher than 50 grams of drugs, for killing a deer/hippie.
As a drug dealer you can sell drugs to other players or at Drug Refill Point or at [BOT]Colombian,Hippie and eGangsta.
Also you will +1 score for selling higher than 100 grams of drugs and the specific amount of money, which depends on the market.

Ranks depends on the sizes of plants:

Small --> 2-16 grams

Medium --> 30-50 grams

Big --> 54-109 grams

Very big --> 110 - 200 grams


I hope this would help you. I'll post more screenshots in the following days.

If you have any questions, post them below.

Thanks and have fun!

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