Donated? Read this to get your Donating Player Status

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Donated? Read this to get your Donating Player Status

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If you've donated to CnR, first of all, thank you.
You are helping to keep CnR running. 100% of donations goes towards paying for server and website hosting. Nobody is making any money off any of this.

Please remember that you are donating to help keep the servers running, you are not buying special features. Any extra features given to donators are an extra, and are at our discretion.

To prevent account abuse, players who donate less than 5$ will not receive a donating player level. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. You can still donate smaller amounts, knowing you're still helping the servers.

For those of you who are wondering, yes you can donate for other players, with separate donations.

To get your Donating Player Level on the servers:

Once you have donated, please send me a PM here on the forums, with the following information:
- The e-mail address you used for your donation, so I can validate your donation
- Your in-game user name (or the in-game name of the player you are donating for), so I can set your level

Please put "Donation" as the message title and keep it brief, I only need the information listed above.

It can take a while (a few weeks to a month) for your level to be set, so please be patient. If you've waited over a month and your level still isn't set, you should pm me again. But until then, please don't pm me multiple times.

Donators will get a "Donating Player" level on the CnR servers, but donating does not mean you will get a special status on the forums, on irc or anywhere else cnr related.

If you're new to the forums and can't send pms:

Your forum account needs to be "approved" by an admin before you can see all boards on the forums and send pms. This is to prevent spam. Please post a message in the "New Members" section and an admin will activate your account as soon as possible.

Thank you very much for your donations!


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