CnR C2 Version 18

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CnR C2 Version 18

Post by CrazyBob »

CnR C2 Version 18

New Server IPS:
Server 1:
Server 2:

-Added a new Skill, Mechanic
-A Mechanic can sell vehicle repairs, vehicle color changes, mods and wheels to other players
-/mechanic to call for a Mechanic
-/mechanic On Foot as a Mechanic to offer your services to another player
-/prices to change your prices (Mechanic)
-For Mods and Wheels, players will pay your price + price of parts
-/calls to view recent Mechanic calls (Mechanic)
-/vehrepair to repair your vehicle (outside your vehicle) (Mechanic)

New Skins:
-Added all the unused skins (except the special skins)
-Food vendors now spawn at random spawns and can pick a skill
-Food vendors can change their skill

-Any innocent civilian can go on duty as a driver in a driver vehicle
-There is no carjacking protection, so be careful!
-You can also purchase a Driver Upgrade from a Xoomer and go on duty in any multiseat vehicle
-/driver [fare] to go on duty as a Driver
-/dcalls to view recent Driver calls (On duty as a driver)
-Removed Driver as a skill. (Any civilian can be a driver now)

Public Transportation:
-Added Bot Bus Drivers and bus routes
-2 bus routes per city, inner route and outer route
-Multiple buses on each route
-Buses are drivers on duty (pay x$/10 game minutes)
-Increased tax credits for using public transportation

-Added Clothes Industries Shares to the stock market
-Fixed some issues with mid screen messages for similar events
-Increased house sale max price
- General Stats Fix for all accounts, so the player stats should have less or no invalid data anymore
-The gender you set in /settings now saves. You can chose to use this saved gender or the class default gender.
-Fixed some other bugs and issues
-More socialism! All money holds (cash, bank, house storage) above 5 million $ were reduced to 5 million $
-This will help pay the Bot bus drivers, thank you!

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Re: CnR C2 Version 18

Post by Charles_Woodson »

Yay, thanks!
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Re: CnR C2 Version 18

Post by everything. »

Whoa there.

The_Unknown_Soldier wrote:We at SAM often make self-deprecating jokes usually with a theme of homosexuality, cause life's too short to take everything so serious. But, if you cop-tanked after the "attacking law enforcement" crime was introduced in 2012(?). You are more gay than any one of us could ever aspire to be.
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Re: CnR C2 Version 18

Post by Mikey »

Foot Patrol
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Re: CnR C2 Version 18

Post by CrazyShannon »

Nice update Bob, Keep em coming! ;D
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Re: CnR C2 Version 18

Post by Alexander »

<Cloudizme> and then im looking at my ping
<Cloudizme> and im measuring his ping
<Cloudizme> and im measuring the assholes in the chat
<Cloudizme> and im going
<Cloudizme> boy this game sure is fun
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Re: CnR C2 Version 18

Post by Maiju »

R.I.P my monies

соси хуй
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Re: CnR C2 Version 18

Post by Rashon »

And my LV birthday was today too. >.>

Nice update, though.
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Re: CnR C2 Version 18


Hurray for new updates!

Keep up the good work! :D
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Re: CnR C2 Version 18

Post by Whoo »

nice work
Thanks Fudgie for the fox^^
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