CnR Version 23.1

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CnR Version 23.1

Post by CrazyBob »

CnR Version 23.1 has now been released.
This is a minor update with fixes and adjustments for Version 23.

What's New/Changed (includes all changes since Version 23 release):
- Adjusted payouts of Casino games for balance/realism
- Adjusted colors in some OST messages
- Fixed an issue with Caligulas Robbery when entering from the roof
- Fixed an issue with the hippie mission player list and bonus display
- Hippie Missions only give a bonus if you give out 10grams or more
- Fixed an incorrect mission destination name in LS
- Fixed an issue with Pet Prices when buying house pets
- Fixed an issue with Bank Insurance being cancelled for no reason
- Added missing Police Vehicle Upgrade to the Police Garage (this does not add a siren to vehicles however)
- Fixed not being able to pick up deer traps
- Fixed not being able to sell drugs inside Crack House sell points
- If you call /911 close to a robbery in progress, the alarm will go off immediately and the police will be notified (yay snitching!)
- Fixed bank robberies not taking money from player bank accounts and low bank robbery payouts
- Adjusted bank payouts and amounts stolen
- Adjusted robbery wait times / other settings
- Adjusted tax refunds
- Fixed an issue where you would lose a hotel room if another player saved while in your room
- Moved one checkpoint in the LV Biker Challenge Race Challenge a bit because of the new LV Houses
- Fixed an issue with closing other menus when in casino games in mouse click mode. You will now be able to click on the close section of the menu ("Click Here To Close This Box")
- Video Poker: Ace - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 is now a valid Straight as well as 10 - J - Q - K - Ace
- Fixed other bugs and typos

Cargo Ship Robbery:
- The cargo ship robbery has been changed
- The robbery checkpoint location has been changed
- There is no longer a safe. After breaking in, you will have to find the goods somewhere on the ship
- The goods can be anywhere on or inside the ship

Fireman Mission:
- Replaced the Ladder Trucks in LV with Firetrucks
- The Fireman Mission has been changed, you now have to spray water onto the fire to extinguish it
- Multiple people can work together to extinguish a fire
- Fire Extinguished Percentage is now displayed on your Status Display
- Each fireman will receive a bonus based on the amount of the fire they extinguished
- The first fireman at the fire will receive an additional bonus

- Redid all the settings menu to have space for new settings
- There is a now a Settings Main menu /settings
- Game Settings /gameset [option] (new)
- Display Settings /display [option]
- TD Settings /tdset [options]
- Menu Settings /menuset [options]
- OST Settings /ostset [option]
- GPS Settings /gpssettings [option]
- Casino Settings /casinoset [option]
- Made "Auto-Hide" the default setting for the Level Display. You can change this to "Always On" if you prefer.
- Added a game setting to disable the Fishing Animation
- Added a game setting for "Trucking Simple Mode". This mode will always select a Random Pickup Location, you will not have to chose a pickup location.
- Added a display setting for House Map Icons on/off (on your radar)

Have fun!

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Re: CnR Version 23.1

Post by Lucas2231 »

Thx fam.
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Re: CnR Version 23.1

Post by Evdeo »

Thank u so much :D
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Re: CnR Version 23.1

Post by banana_ghost »

damn good work!
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Re: CnR Version 23.1

Post by everything. »

Oh, that's why it went down.

Good stuff.
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Re: CnR Version 23.1

Post by Zofian »

Very nice. Rich content.
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Re: CnR Version 23.1

Post by ___Tommy___ »

Nice ;)
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Re: CnR Version 23.1

Post by Marcus_Reed »

Welcome Version 23.1!
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Re: CnR Version 23.1

Post by MapleSyrup »

CrazyBob wrote: -The Fireman Mission has been changed, you now have to spray water onto the fire to extinguish it
- Multiple people can work together to extinguish a fire
Thank you Bob for this especially! The other stuff is quite nice aswell!
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Re: CnR Version 23.1

Post by bmuk »

Thx bob! cnr players are grateful for your hard and continued work on cnr ;)
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