New Server IPs

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Re: New Server IPs

Post by chips493 »

Yep, those laggy servers are ruining the v21 experience.

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Re: New Server IPs

Post by JNB »

stopped playing, waiting lag to dissapear, till then sayonyaara >:3
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Re: New Server IPs

Post by [qazi]mzhr »

where is new ip

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Re: New Server IPs

Post by maxmanapple »

the servers are down, what is happening?
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Re: New Server IPs

Post by Veronica »

Hey! Hello everyone, I need a admin to aprove my donator status and accept my acount here... Please Crazybob, be friendly :cry:

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Re: New Server IPs

Post by praxis246 »

what's new??? .. new IP . why the server is closed ?? still retrieving ?? :((

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Re: New Server IPs

Post by Amore_Two »

Lmfaoo @ Me knowing the server ip by heart :shock: Im that fucking lame lol

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