CnR C2 Ver 19.2

General Information and News about CrazyBob's Cops And Robbers Servers.
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Re: CnR C2 Ver 19.2

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Good Job As Always,Thanks.
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Re: CnR C2 Ver 19.2

Post by Ninouey »

CrazyBob wrote:- Modified Illegal Immigrant Delivery Missions: you will now only get "La Migra" (wanted) if you are within the city limits, AND a cop is in range. This means you could possibly avoid the cops and not get a warrant. You'll still get a minor crime upon delivery as usual.
That is great, i myself already used a plane and travelled a lot by the ocean to be wanted at the last moment, but now it's even better <3

This mission is fun ^^
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Re: CnR C2 Ver 19.2

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I have been scared when I saw the last notice. :O
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Re: CnR C2 Ver 19.2

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tl;dr. Nah good job!
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Re: CnR C2 Ver 19.2

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Great update! Good job!
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Re: CnR C2 Ver 19.2

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A1pha wrote:Great update! Good job!
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Re: CnR C2 Ver 19.2

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Great update>! GJ
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Re: CnR C2 Ver 19.2

Post by Xishko »

CrazyBob wrote:CnR C2 Version 19.2 is now on the servers

What's Changed:

- As a reminder, the "cop range" is the range in which cops "see you" committing crimes. It is larger during the day (daylight hours) and smaller at night.

Have fun!
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Re: CnR C2 Ver 19.2

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Good Job! (10-120)
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