CnR C2 Ver 19.1 + Some extra info (Updated Aug 20th 2011)

General Information and News about CrazyBob's Cops And Robbers Servers.
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Re: CnR C2 Ver 19.1 + Some extra info (Updated Aug 20th 201

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ok ive been trying to report a bug in the server but there is no bugs forom or glichtes from what ive seen anyways hopefully someone reads this. my girlfriend had just got done robbing the sex shop in san fierrow and she had her car parked against the wall driver side. when she got in the car cops showed up and when this cop tried to car jack her to get her out cause she was fleeing in proccess. Honestly i watched her and her car spawn to another map in a diffrent city anyways thought someone should now about this especially so if it happends again its not mistaken for cheating

by wrentrillogy thank you server Rocks
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Re: CnR C2 Ver 19.1 + Some extra info

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HI And Welcome To The Best Server i see of sa-mp in The World
and Best Admins

If U need Gameplay Help pm me

Nice Update

Please Crazybob you can update

who will kill innocent lose her 5 Points
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