CnR Version 24.1

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Re: CnR Version 24.1

Post by qazidragon »

Nyc Bob sir <3
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Re: CnR Version 24.1

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Re: CnR Version 24.1

Post by Dark_Angel. »

Thank crazybob I like dm bonus and more update

Well done :)
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Re: CnR Version 24.1

Post by General_Price »

Dark_Angel. wrote:Thank crazybob I like dm bonus and more update

Well done :)
No DM bonus *
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Re: CnR Version 24.1

Post by P2H »

Cool update in many aspects, was surprised over there was no money reset now when I came back a pair of weeks ago again, but it's okay :), good job again, lovely server to play in!

I'm wondering about one feature, which is gone, it's when you type /hi, you can't see your other placed hits, you can view if you got a hit and a history lesson on how many hits has been placed on you.

I think it's pretty necessary to know about this, for example, if you've placed a hit, week stops and you play again same city on another server, perhaps you've forgotten about the hit you placed (since hits now are saved 48 hrs and not gone even after you quit after 2hrs), since you can place a few hits during a week sometimes, and getting attacked by the victim and you make a complaint about 'DM', all that could be sparred if you just could view which got a hit from yourself, by the command /hi again, just as it used to be.

* Also a more detailed report from the script-team about this would be useful, No DM Bonus feature, does ramming, hitting with fists or other items, chainsawing it, stomping a vehicle count as DM, or only by shooting?

* Would be great if cops could receive No DM Bonus also if they'd only shoot at warrant's vehicles since it's their job. wrote:Daily No DM Bonus
Players will receive a No DM bonus for not damaging any players or vehicles for 24 game hours
The daily No DM bonus will increase each consecutive day that you do not damage players or vehicles
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Re: CnR Version 24.1

Post by xan »

thanks alot
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Re: CnR Version 24.1

Post by Medix »

Nice update

Crazybob I'm shocked to see you're still alive :)
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Re: CnR Version 24.1

Post by .[]Sunit[]. »

Nice update waiting for next version :lol:
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Re: CnR Version 24.1

Post by Methindu »

nice updates admin but would you add little bit more features to donors ? its your choice bout what u going to do :) btw i love here
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Re: CnR Version 24.1

Post by PriestKiller »

The Killer Priest wrote:Wow i love it this v24.1

I can kill hit placer who hit me
if i accidentally Wrong hit player i can /hitcancel

btw nice work Crazybob CNR
Edit : i also love NO DM too can raise up to 9 game days price ($50k)

maybe i will be patient for next update and SAMP update too
Ended my extremely cute GIF :D I really satisfied :lol:
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