ninjatuna - 3rd

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ninjatuna - 3rd

Post by Bodee »

here u said that u dont punish someone ded after abusing right ?

Now i have 1 question, WHy i banned and deactived from forum Because this complain ? viewtopic.php?f=23&t=124771
u said there that i cancel ad anim like cancel armor but at end of the video i ded and still punished by u. i punished by you ingame and in forum too. here is the video

and here when u said that i will be punished

trust me u helping eveready to avoid punishment, thanks
Edit: and if u say its my own complain. he here wanted to cancel ad anim in his own video
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Re: ninjatuna - 3rd

Post by Eveready »

If had complained ibrahim fot c bugging then i would have been punished for skipping animation as well, even if i had died in the end.
Totally different scenarios.

Animation skipping is a minor rule break which is most likely to be ignored by admins if the player dies even after doing it(not more than once or twice)
Your complaint on the other hand, you are complaining for animation skip while doing it yourself so that would either end up getting dismissed or both of you getting punished.

While my complaint is regarding that, its for DM. Which is a major rule break.

I replied once because you mentioned my name everywhere.
No one is protecting me. And yes btw in your video as well, i died even after i skipped the ad animation. You can say that i was not punished because of that but the real reason why i wasn't punished tor skipping animation in your video is because you didn't complain me. Because for that you have to be activated first to post in complaint section.

Peace out. Won't be replying anymore. Whether you understand what i said or not.
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Re: ninjatuna - 3rd

Post by chupps »

You kinda blew your chances with your latest're way past skipping animations now and honestly you should consider yourself lucky since CB isn't around to permanently disable your account.

I suggest you stop whining because it won't get you anywhere.