the crew disable

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the crew disable

Post by saifabida »

hello cnr community
we got disable by admin _e5rs_ and captin and {LV}captin and final detination and MRvato all of us got disable for DM reasons
1- we would like to know in detail what DM means i dont think taking revenge between civilian consumed as a DM reason it is gta so why rudjay and wolf stay able to play they was shooting first
2-a players using aimbots and travel speed hacks why they still play they keep crazybobs server Not preferred to play
3- we are not alone in this we didnt start this war at first a player who is nickname (harba) stated it
4-playing in un-register is a empty idea (register Considered a multy acc) we played in the same accounts at least for a year i dont think we dont know rules to disabled after a year

<3 And please accept the assured respect<3

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Re: the crew disable

Post by GhostHunteR »

_e5rs_ you got disabled 2 days for cop hunting, having a warrant does not give you right to go kill cops who are not trying to arrest you.
Your friend 1Step2Win got disabled for 14 days since it was Captain evading his disable.
MrVato and FinalDestination got punished and kicked from the server for repeatedly killing one of their enemies.
dUpHAsToN and harba got banned because they're multiaccounts and getting up to no good.

Please don't register anymore accounts and if you do decide to play, avoid conflicts with other players.