Banned for Ad Anim Abuse

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Banned for Ad Anim Abuse

Post by Djongador »

Good afternoon (on my schedule) admins!

Just now I was at war with another player on the server and in the exchange of shots I used / peteat and WITHOUT WANTED I pressed the button to use the / ad command and I was banned by Ad Anim Abuse, follow the print of the use of the commands in order correct. I don't understand how it can become an abuse, since my life was already full when I used / Peteat


I would like to request my disqualification, as I love to play
I strongly believe in the work of administrators and I know they will be fair

A fraternal hug to all and sorry if i really made a mistake
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Re: Banned for Ad Anim Abuse

Post by Rensar »


First you used /peat (which has no animation), then you used /ad when your health was at around 50 percent and immediately cancelled the animation. That's not allowed.

Not sure why you're even asking to get the disable removed since you change accounts like socks, one new account per day seems your recent trend.

The disable will stay.