Did my account got reset?

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Did my account got reset?

Post by [GaZa]KemO2 »

I just got banned for DM by everything. without (fine/hog..) from like 1 week
so today i was looking on house map on cbcnr.net i see my houses for sale by bank
i need to ask u if my account got reset or what happens?
Thank You.
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Re: Did my account got reset?

Post by everything. »

I deleted them both, on top of the 2 week ban.

The person you shot two to three times with a desert eagle in an attempt to kill with /pee, and the other guy you chainsawed near Drug Refill in LV - both of them was me. Unprovoked attacking.

I had no reason to do anything lesser with such a shit player, so I hoped that is a good lesson.
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