Why am i getting banned???

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Why am i getting banned???

Post by Prod.DaBoiiThomas »

Hello Im new with this samp rp thing everytime I join a sever I ethier get banned right away or when im playing for little bit like maybe an hour or something I always get band for the same reason somehow which is for cheating but how if i don't use cheats at all, I use a android device and I use this app called sa-mp launcher, when I joined your sever I saw you guys have a website so here I am. I wanna see if theres anything I could do to get unbanned, maybe I could prove to you I don't have cheats installed or something. I always wanted to play samp but I didn't have a windows computer till now I heard I could play it on my phone. Please help me I just want to enjoy the game without having any problems I really like your guys is server I want to prove im not a hacker or somthing. My username is PlugManJoe.Please and thank you.
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Re: Why am i getting banned???

Post by kagura »

Playing this server on Android is not recommended as some of the modifications on the SA-MP mobile launcher will trigger anti-cheat.
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Re: Why am i getting banned???

Post by Renegade334 »

Hi PlugManJoe,

Looking through the logs, I can confirm that the mobile client that you're using is indeed sending invalid information to the servers and triggering the anticheat.

We do not seek to support third-party clients, only the SA:MP 0.3.7x Windows client.

All the best.
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