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IP Banned

Post by Indian_lmigrant »

My brother Elephant got banned by anticheat almost three weeks ago for using airbreak on second server in like 1:00 am with 5 players to get out of water. I have nothing to do with that, I just can't play because we are on the same IP. Can you guys like unban our IP and just disable his account for the time left so I can connect? You can check that everything I sad is true, I've also never been banned or disabled in 5 years of playing.

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Re: IP Banned

Post by Renegade334 »

In light of the fact that more than two weeks has passed, we will unban the address.

For future reference:
CrazyBob wrote: Sat Jul 31, 2010 7:48 pm If you or someone using your ip were banned for cheating, you cannot appeal your ban.
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