Falsely banned while setting up account for brother.

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Falsely banned while setting up account for brother.

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PICTURE 1: https://ibb.co/6Z9nnZ
BAN REASON: supposedly multiaccounting
Thats a picture for proof. On 11/30/2020 I was banned by Kona_MiLa after I had gotten my brother to finally play CNR after forever of begging him to try the game. He did and I made him an account 2 days before the ban. In the 2 days he played 6 hours *suprisingly* and one time in jail he told me he pmed kona a joke in which he said something along the lines of "ill give you a lapdance if you bail me out of jail". Then Kona thought this was ME, CrucifiX4K and told me to get off before she banned my ip. Then he tried explaining to her that it was his account and he was new to the game, but instead Kona just banned my IP address. I linked a picture above of the both of us sitting together at the computer *faces are blacked out*. If this could be resolved within a few days that would be much appreciated. I will also link pictures to my CNR stats.

The pictures show 3 accounts
. First one of these is my old one, CrucifiX that I mained 2017-2019 but I stopped playing, upon getting back I realized oh shit I forgot my password, I tried to work with rensar to reset it but it did nothing. 600 hours account lost.
. Second one of these is the account CrucifiX4K that I mained this year, you can see that it has 60 hours of playtime. This account isn't banned but my home IP address is banned.
. Third one of these is the account that was banned along with my ip, CrucifiX4KKK. I made it for my brother as I needed to help him with the basics of the game and setting up an account and everything.
PICTURE 2: https://ibb.co/5BZCxnR

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Re: Falsely banned while setting up account for brother.

Post by Rashon »

Okay, well, you should probably let him pick a name that is not similar to yours and isn't, quite frankly, stupid. Good luck though.

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