Links To all Guides and Answers to some Questions.

CrazyBob's Cops And Robbers game information, help, faqs and guides. If you need help with something in game, this is the place!
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Links To all Guides and Answers to some Questions.

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I made this because alot of good guides are forgotten and you have to check 15 pages to find them. Now all is in one place and you can find it easy without losing alot of time.

Under letter Q You will can find answers to some Questions about CnR.


1. ATM locations Map by Snupi_55
2. AutoHotkey Guide by SEA


1. Basic IRC commands by PlayToHard ... 39#p234539
2. Blackjack Guide by Rolfadinho ... 08#p691610
3. Basic commands you may want to know about by LibertyMafia viewtopic.php?f=11&t=68262


1. Christmas Trees 2011 - Locations and Information by LivinForMoney
2. Civilian Guide by MataX
3. Civilian Guide (Part1) by Llama
4. Civilian Guide (Part2) by Llama
5. Clothes Guide [PICTURES] by Thekillaer
6. CnR Clothing and Accessories by Sgt.Mays
7. CnR Commands by eLyeS
8. CnR Guide for Beginners by CaptainMaz
9. CnR Guide for noobs by CaptainJohn
10. CnR Survival tips & Related guides by P2H
11. Con-Artist Tips, Tricks and Scams by LeRacingCop
12. Cop Guide for Crazybob's Cops n Robbers by Llama
13. Cop Tips by Carter
14. Cop Tips by Cristi


1. Detailed Radar Mod Installation Guide - Complete Walkthrough by nsx ... t=detailed
2. Driver Guide and FAQ by Alex8008
3. Driving Lesson by Krazy_Fly10 ... 84#p305584
4. Drug Plant guide by YouWannaPlay
5. Drug plant tutorial by MataX
6. Drugs and Fishing Guide by Lucas2231


1. Editing forum things.. by BlackHawk


1. Fishing Guide by JackC21911
2. Fishing Guide by Jesus
3. Fishing Guide by Thekillaer
4. Fishing Guide for Las Venturas by Virtue ... 73#p281373
5. Fishing Guide v1.2.1 by [xx]man[xx]
6. Fishing - Prices - Average weight - Average Price by SgtMartin_Riggs
7. Flower Missions by Carter
8. Font Guide by SEA
9. Food Delivery Guide by Snupi_55 ... 81#p546060
10. For those who lack common sense... (Improved) by The Seller
11. Forum Buttons guide by Ciyber
12. Friendly Guide of Fishing + Drugs by Lucas2231 ... 9&start=20


1. Guide about arresting warrants who abuse f to avoid arrest by Garg
2. Guide about /rob by Virtue
3. Guide to making the big $$ by [HiC]TheKiller
4. Guide to reduce lags by Sahad_ikr


1. Hitman guide by Dennis8340
2. Holdup Guide by Shao
3. Holdup Mission by Carter
4. House Delivery Mission by Carter
5. How to create poll by SalvadorvG
6. How to donate by Skimmer
7. How to donate - Without a credit card by Assassin
8. How to fix ''Frames Per Second'' drop [FPS-Drops] by SmallGekasCBCnR
9. How to fix the green texture problem like water by Snupi_55
10. How to get a proper Rustler training by TheRenato3185
11. How to get rid of noobs on top of your car! by Blister
12. How to link your house from CnR House map by ElectricWire
13. How to make an invisible line for your signature by TestaRossa ... 78#p279478
14. How to post embedded [youtube] links by Ninouey
15. How to post/embed [youtube] links by LibertyMafia
16. How-to: play on both servers, with both SAMP versions installed by Everything
17. How to put user tracks on your GTA San Andreas by Thermosphere
18. How to record gameplay with very low file sizes by Snitt
19. How to Reduce Video File Sizes By over 90% by Snupi_55
20. How to use common sense when making a DM/randomhit complaint by Eric[HUN]
21. HexChat/IRC guide by Lucas2231
22. Hunting guide by Different Players


1. IceChat 7 and 9 - IRC client guide by PlayToHard
2. Idiots Guide to Getting Un-Banned by Rizzlah
3. In-game questions by P2H viewtopic.php?f=14&t=84872
4. INSTRUCTION HOW TO PLAY CnR (RUS)(for recruits) by Jekinator
5. IRC Guide by BlazingKen



1. Keybind guide by LightsTar
2. [INFO] Kills and Deaths! by The Seller


1. Law Enforcement Guide by Nelle83
2. Lawn Mower mission by Carter
3. Learn E-Slang! by St4yb4ck11_
4. Linking to your house from the online map by [HiC]TheKiller
5. Loss Prevention Guide by Spartan


1. Making videos -- the incomplete guide by Beatstar
2. Map of all the clothes and barber shops by Anonybus
3. Mechanic Guide by BlackHawk
4. Medic guide: How to be a good medic? by General_Price ... 01#p608501
5. Meth Lab guide by Virtue
6. mIRC's usage tutorial for beginners by Justas14



1. Online Paste Tool by PlayToHard


1. Police Guide by Carl2
2. Post Screenshots [Guide] by PlayToHard
3. Prevent high ping related bug bans by Theducati
4. Police maneuvering by Victorovich_LA viewtopic.php?f=11&t=102532


1. Quick money guide for beginners,and some ingame tips by cotuna_ionut

Question about :

. Account in game
. 2 players using this same computer
. Bank insurance
. Bank Interest
. Being killed when someone enters the vehicle!
. Bribes
. Buying a house
. Can you be forgiven after you shoplift from a store?
. Changing accounts
. Cinematic camera view
. Con artists
. Cooking drugs ... 38#p434995
. Cop DM
. Cops who are Camping
. Counter /hit
. Defending from hitmans
. Dying drug plants
. Fighting style
. Forum Warning Level
. /fs damage
. G abuse
. Gun permit
. Houses
. House market
. Inactivity's effects
. Killing civilians inside our own house
. Killing your own /hit contract
. Money transfer from one account to another
. Locations appearing on screen
. Losing house
. People in Dumpers
. Pet Slap or Pet Attack?
. Raping people
. Rapist+STDs vs other skills+STDs...whos gonna win.
. Regarding jail
. Self defence
. Shooting to people in dumpers
. Shooting to ticket able players
. Shoplifting
. Surviving Mary Lou Disease
. Taxes
. Temporary cop skill abuse
. The rules around /sit 8?
. Tips For A Pet?
. Using pet slap
. Vigora and Fancy Powder
. Violent crimes
. Wealth tax
. What cooking drugs is

Questions :

. Can I play on unregistered account
. Can I use ENB Series ?
. can someone kill me more than once for the same reason?
. Can you really hide in City Hall with hit?
. Fishing or Trucking?
. G abuse
. House storage question
. How can I avoid tax? All my cash gets taxed & no refund
. How do I copy in-game chat?
. How do I change my forum name?
. How Good is a 8.9 Piranha?
. How is the Forum Rank Assigned/Earned?
. How Make Animated gif file?
. How often is bank interest calculated?
. How To Decrease My Ping?
. How to put a URL into a sentence/word
. How to reduce video size?
. How to turn off animation (TAB)
. How much useful are house pets ?
. I cannot see full pictures!
. If banned - any disadvantages ingame?
. Is it legal to fight as cop ?
. Is there any difference between donator statuses?
. Is there any point in ordering house delivery ?
. Not getting tax refund
. Problem with Upload a image/short video
. Weapons accuracy
. What dose Donator Status get?
. What's a good complain?
. What's the maximum amount of cash in Bank, Stocks, Houses?
. What is "working with criminals" ?
. Which is profitable? Fishing or Trucking?
. Why DMers hate Truckers ?
. Why does every pet that i buy become very fat and die?
. Why were the vending machine in city hall removed?


1. Render HD videos with Movie Maker by CaptainJohn
2. Render your videos fast - Cyberlink PD (11 & 12) by P2H
3. Robbing Casinos in Las Venturas by Thekillaer
4. Robbing places in Los Santos guide by YouWannaPlay


1. SAMP Color Ids -- /vehcolor Color List by Balon
2. SA-MP Modding Guide by Soupiest
3. Simple Fishing Price Calculator by TheKillaer
4. Score Guide by TheKillaer ... 46#p257046
5. Shoplifting by Jim_Doukakis
6. Some simple common sense. by Sgt.Mays's
7. Sony Vegas Tutorial by Ray0
8. Stock Guide by Edski
9. Stock Guide by Samantha
10. Stock Guide For V20 by CrazyDriver


1. Tips about Hitman skill by Different Players
2. To In-game Radio Guide by PurePK
3. Trappin' Ain't Easy. I'll Show you how! by Thekillaer
4. Troubleshooting Toolkit [SA-MP/GTA:SA] by P2H viewtopic.php?f=12&t=82090
5. Truck Delivery [map guide , trucks , information] by TazZz
6. Trucking guide by Urik viewtopic.php?f=11&t=85219


1. UPS Deliveries guide by Robotmonkey
2. Uploading and posting screenshots by everything. viewtopic.php?f=11&t=64515


1. Vehicle guide (/vehcolor IDs included) by General_Tom
2. Video Poker Guide by Rolfadinho


1. What to do when someone will car park on You by MusicBOx
2. Windows 8/8.1 Solutions (When SAMP or GTA:SA is not working) guide by Lucas2231

1. 10- codes by Cis

I knew that there was a similar post and I found it on the 14th page... by [xx]man[xx] I added videos from there. I will be adding new guides straight away (of course if there will be released any).

Blue Peace and Blue Love
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Re: Links To all Guides

Post by fanta »

The cargo one no longer works, the videos have been taken down.
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Re: Links To all Guides

Post by Sigma1 »

Thank You for Informations. Link removed because it weren't helping in any way.
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Re: Links To all Guides

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[23:52:06] <%Assassin> Give me somethin' that says, 'I get up every morning at 5:30 and commute for an hour and a half to some bullshit job where my jag-off boss expects me to kiss his balls all day just so I can afford to keep my ungrateful, screaming kids decked out in Dora the explorer shit and my wife up to her fat ass in self-help videos until the day I get the courage to put a shotgun in my mouth.
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Re: Links To all Guides

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Re: Links To all Guides

Post by LibertyMafia »

Very nice Sigma.
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Re: Links To all Guides

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Thanks :D


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Re: Links To all Guides

Post by KiPARis »

Very nice job!
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Re: Links To all Guides

Post by Samantha »

This is a very good idea! Thanks for working it out :3
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Re: Links To all Guides

Post by BiGBEn07 »

Congrats on th stickie and your succesful police group!
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