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Forum Access Information

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This will explain how the forum access system works.

Guests (not registered) have read-only access to server / game information boards, so they can read up and get all the info they need. They cannot post or view any general discussion boards.

Once you register, you will still have limited access to the forums while an administrator reviews your account. Registering with your CnR Username (from the servers) will speed up the process. You will be able to post in the New Members section.

Admin approved accounts will be placed in either the Forum Member or CnR Member groups, depending on whether you're a known & registered CnR player or not. These groups have full regular access to the forums and most of it's sections.

Regular players / forum members are set by admins, and have access to a special Regular Players Only section. They also have improved rights on the forums. Please note that just because you are a regular player in game, doesn't mean you will be a regular member on the forums, and vice-versa. Your forum activity will determine when and if you become a Regular Forum Member.

Accounts on probation can only view the forums, but cannot post. Accumulate enough warnings, and you'll end up here!

There are also separate player groups (DMH for example), each with their own private forum section. A group leader will be assigned for each, and they will be responsible for accepting group join requests and for moderating their forum section. If you have a large group and you want your own section, please contact the administration.

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