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CnR signatures

Post by Renegade334 »

Hi folks,

I've created a tool where you can create an image for your signature that automatically updates depending on whether you are online and which server you are in.

That means that you can have something looking like this in your signature:

...and it will automatically update when you're playing in-game. (Note: The banner images are 200px high, and the forum limit for signatures is 400px total height. Be aware of this, as you will have your signature removed entirely if you end up making it too large!)

There is also an avatar feature, so that you can get a 100px × 100px image to use as your forum avatar.

Again, it will update automatically when you're in-game.

To get your image URL, head to and select a style. Then go to your user control panel and either add the URL in image tags to your signature, or enter it as your "off-site" avatar location.

You must enter a registered nick in the signature generator, or the image link won't work. Nicks are case-insensitive and support all the special characters you can use in-game.

If you have any problems or queries, then please contact me privately via the forums or IRC.
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