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 my side of the story 
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Post my side of the story
before you start reading this i just wanna let you quickly know that this post wont contain any sort of crying whining bitching etc therefore im not requesting any sort of "undisable" or anything like that I just want to tell my side of the story because its not what you think

so basically it all started when i got punished on my main for cbugging although im not okay with that sort of punishment i had nothing else to do but accept it and move on.So as many of you are probably aware I got a smaller brother who occasionally joins the game too.Hes just a kid and he finds the game quite entertaining and because the graphics are quite ridiculous I dont think it will affect him in any way.He isnt familiar with the rules of the game so when I got disabled he asked me to join in his account so I could play and make him some money by robbing some places since he was broke and the skill gap is noticeable between me and my brother.I kept telling him that Im not supposed to play for 3 days so I refused in the first place to do that but he kept insisting to the point where he persuaded me to play however we agreed that I would only rob ONCE and then leave the pc to him.This aligns perfectly with the gameplay so whoever spectated me probably noticed that I went straight to the casino I did not chase hits or any sort - grabbed the equipment I would need and went straight to the casino but apparently I got spotted because I killed a cop and almost took down a cop tank who were chasing me.Afterwards I got jailed I got punished right away for evading - im not going to request anything in this case because despite of warning my brother a thousand times its my fault and his fault too.To make it clear there are two accounts that are active on my ip : say_hello - my brothers account and NightBlue3 - mine.These two were active when we had 2 pcs on our place at the same time so its obviously someone else it using therefore im not multiaccounting or any sort.Since for the time being we only have one pc we are continuously switching accounts to play.Theres also another question which begs to my innocence : why would I use a low account with low score and stats when I have mine with high stats and some score in it/money in it?So i probably provided enough evidence to prove that im not multiaccounting.I never would, anyway as you have probably noticed i have only 1 other disable where I was punished for cop dm in which i didnt evade nor did i bitch about in the forums i simply let it expire knowing that it was completely my fault.So now lets come to the todays "evade", to be completely honest that was my brother playing and not me i had nothing to do with that account.Nightred3 is the first account my brother made but then he wanted to start a new account because he got bored playing on nightred3 - i reminded him that he had to leave that account forever in order to start a new one.He agreed to do so and then he never played on it again, but since say_hello got disabled he played on nightred3 because he would be able to play if i didnt get disabled in the first place, im pretty sure he contacted everything. to tell him that he wasnt me(nightblue) but he got punished anywaylol.So thats pretty much my side of the story, now i wanna quickly apologize to everything for being rude towards him because i thought he had to do with my harsh punishment in the first place.Later on i found out that it was completely marcus' descision on that.Now all im going to ask is the date when am I going to be able to play again and also when can i request re-activation.
Thanks and have a nice day.

Sat Dec 01, 2018 7:09 am
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Post Re: my side of the story
and i was wondering why i was the one who got deactivated... when i had nothing to do with it


Sat Dec 01, 2018 7:31 am
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Post Re: my side of the story
You can play again when your originals disable ends, just stop using registered multiaccounts.

Also, could you format your text a little less like 'one big cluster' next time, would make it a little easier to read.

@lofi unfortunate turn of events, heard you should blame kiko

With Regards,

Sat Dec 01, 2018 8:10 am
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Post Re: my side of the story
lofi wrote:
and i was wondering why i was the one who got deactivated... when i had nothing to do with it

Some of kiko's fault but mostly mine.

im pretty sure he contacted everything. to tell him that he wasnt me(nightblue) but he got punished anyway

I remember that. Maybe I should've realized this but y'know at the same time, a lot of people act weird when they're disabled, I coudn't help but be convinced it was you being stupid. Should they get undisabled? PM me I guess..

Otherwise, yes I was just the one to lock your thread and a lot of dumb shit happened afterwards. Since you apologized, I'll add your "forum member" group back after your disable is up.

The_Unknown_Soldier wrote:
We at SAM often make self-deprecating jokes usually with a theme of homosexuality, cause life's too short to take everything so serious. But, if you cop-tanked after the "attacking law enforcement" crime was introduced in 2012(?). You are more gay than any one of us could ever aspire to be.

Sat Dec 01, 2018 3:48 pm
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