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 Basic IRC.TL commands [Updated 2018] 
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 Basic IRC.TL commands [Updated 2018]
Hi and welcome to my guide.

I've found these commands and feature by asking from ops/helpers and from rest of the net, links are listed below in various sections, so I thought to gather all of that info and put this together, I hope it will help someone to have it like this, useful info at one spot.

Help and assistance information
How to Register your nick/ Nick info
Make a vhost to your nick/ vhost info
Common IRC commands (Provided with links too)
Create Your Own Channel/# Info/ Change # name/ Delete #
Channel Ownership
Channel Modes (Provided with a link)
Channel Set command
Channel Flags
Channel Template command
Various of Channel commands (Secure topic - #/add URL/greet msg/ invite/access list)
Color schedule for Topic
Issue a BOT to your channel + info
Bot games + CloudBot Blaster cmds
Modes for your channel/How To Add them

Assistance at/with

/help = Shows at console's help info.
/msg ChanServ help = Channel help.
/msg ChanServ help flags = Help command for modes etc
/msg ChanServ help commands = # Help commands.
/msg ChanServ HELP ACCESS = Access level help.
/msg ChanServ HELP SET = Set command help.
/msg ChanServ help template = Similar to former xOP.
/msg BotServ Help = Help you with BOT commands.
/msg NickServ Help = Nick help.
/rules = When connected to, check your console for redirect-link.

Help at while connected:
Join: #operhelp or #help / #irchelp.


IRC.TL Help:

IRC.TL Support:

IRC.TL forums:

IRC.TL Rules:

IRC.TL network homepage:

IRC.TL Banned section:

IRC.TL News section:

Browse channels at network:

IRC.TL's software (Before on the former daemon xOP existed, not anymore though):
InspIRCd (Click me!)
Register a nick:
Fill in your information in the fields, when you're opening your IRC client for the first time, web-based or external.

A registered nick is deleted automatically along with its vhost if you don't log-in on within 30 days.

A tip is to type /ns vacation if you're going to be away from network, then it won't be deleted for 90 days.

How to register it
After you've logged in to IRC.TL, type: /ns register [your desired password] and [your e-mail], now an e-mail is sent from the network to your e-mail and also it explains how you shall proceed, right after you've used /ns register successfully.

In order to register your account, just wait for an activation e-mail, check junkmail for it and if it doesn't come, pay a visit at #operhelp or #help and ask for help and when it comes, type in the information from the mail (If it don't come, Operators can help you.).

Note: Remember to always do: /ns identify [your chosen password] or /msg NickServ Identify [password] each and every time you log-in to the server, to activate your vhost, registered nickname.

Changing your password:
/ns SETPASS [account] [key] [newpass]

How make a vhost of your nick at

How to get vHost:
a) Register your nick first.

b) Then you have to type in /hs request [vhost name] .

c) Example: /hs request Duck.Pretty and just wait, operators will activate/accept it and you'll see when it's done (can take from minutes, to hours to days) and when you /ns identify your registered nick you'll see if it's activated or not.

Note: You can't pick: /hs request .users or .staff, .admin, .irc.t, they're reserved to staff and if you want to put your website, you have to own it and you can't end with a dot. (So I heard few years ago, maybe changed though)

Common IRC commands:
(Rember that you can script/save and get plugins to your IRC and you can modify colors too, often, modules etc and that not every command works on each client or server and there's different commands at clients/networks.)

More about IRC commands/Information:

InspIRCd Commands which IRC.TL use:

IRC.TL Help documents:

Short-cuts to commands:
/ns = NickServ [Example: /msg NickServ Help = /ns help]
/cs = ChanServ [Example: /msg ChanServ Help = /cs help]
/bs = BotServ [Example: /msg BotServ Help = /bs help]

Quick list of commands:

/me [msg]= Send your nickname and message like a shout to main-chat.
/notice NICK MSG = Send someone a short message, without opening /query or any private windows.
/query NICK MSG = Opens a private window, you can discuss privately.
/mode YOUR NICK and +I = Hide/mask which channels you are on
/memoserv read [number] if you've gotten an error message.
/list = List of current channels.
/join or /j # = Join a channel
/hop = You're re-joining the channel.
/part = You're leaving a channel.
/quit /quit [reason] /leave or /q = You're disconnected from the IRC server.
/close = Closes your # - Channel, not the client itself.
/clear = Clear the current # you're at, only for you to see.
/nick [nick] = Changes your nickname.
/away = You're AFK.
/whois [nick] = You can see information about someone.
/whowas [nickname] =Get some information about a disconnected user.
/ns info [nickname] = Get some informations about IRC user.
/ns ajoin add [#Channel] = Auto-join to a channel.
/ns ajoin del [#Channel] = Delete your # from auto-join list.
/ns ajoin list = Displays the auto-join list.

/ns ghost [nick] = Used when you're pinged out/disconnected and your identified nick is still on. NickServ will then kill your ghost so you can use your registered nick again.

Also ghosting only works on an identified nickname.

Quick voice/devoice:
!devoice for -v and !voice for +v.

To ban:
/mode #channel +b nickname/hostname

To unban:
/mode #channel -b nickname/hostname
(Type /whois [nick] nickname to see hostname)

Kick someone:
/kick [#channel] [nickname] [reason]

To add someone's rank:
/cs access [#channel] add [nick] [level]
/cs [rank] [#your channel name ] add [name of the user]

Note: You can check all of the ranks for an user if you scroll further down.

Remove a player's rank:
/cs [rank] [#your channel name ] del [name of the user]

Create Your Own Channel:

Join a channel:
/j #YourPlayerName (for instance)

Register the channel:
/cs register [#channelname] [password] [short description about the channel]

Identify channel:
(/cs identify [#channelname] [channelpassword]

If you identify your nick, which means you must be registered to network, it will remember the founder automatically.

Info about channel: (From #help channel at credits to Evocator)
<+Evocator>If anyone with the flags +FHORafhoqrsv joined the channel, the expiration date will be refreshed.

So basically, if one registered user, who's at the channel's access list and logs in, it won't expire.

Renaming a channel:
1)You can't change #'s name as it is right now, so that's why you need to register a new # and delete your old #.

2) Suggested at #help at credits by helper BCG200:

<BCG2000> Register a new channel with the name you desire. Then on your
old channel execute this command: /mode #oldchannel +lL 1 #newchannel
<BCG2000> Replace #oldchannel with your old channel name, #newchannel with your
new channel name.

So you can do like how #help and #irchelp are, if you type #irchelp you're redirected to the to #help.

Deleting a channel:
Type /msg ChanServ DROP # [The channel name]

And confirm it by typing the confirmation code and, follow instructions.

How to check the access information for your channel:
Type /cs access #channel list.

Many times HOP and above can do this, depends on the channel's mode, so you can get a "You're not authorised to perform this action" message which means you can't see the list.

Invite an user to your channel
Type: /invite [nickname] [#channel's name]

Channel info:
/msg ChanServ info [#Channel name]


/msg ChanServ Help owner

Owner of a channel:
Add: /cs owner [#Channel] [nick]
Remove: /cs deowner [#Channel] [nick]

Only commands for owners/founders and you can deown or own yourself and in that case you don't need to type in [nick] at those commands above and if you do this to another, they must be at your channel.

Multiple owners:

Add: /cs flags [#Channel] [Nick] -(+)* = Remember you can't add/del the founder, so better founder does this.
Remove: /cs flags [#channel] [nick] +(-)*

(/cs FLAGS [channel] [target] [flags])

Type /msg ChanServ HELP FLAGS for a full list of commands.

Transfer owner:
/cs set [#channel] founder [nickname]

Cancel transfer:
Type /cs set [#channel] founder [Your nickname] if you want it back.

Set founder of the channel:
a) /cs set [#channel] founder [nickname] adds the founder/owner of the channel.

( /msg ChanServ SET #[Channel] FOUNDER [Nickname]. )

Channel Modes:
Only registered users can enter your channel:
Use /mode # +R for only registered users to or -R for not registered ones.

Only fellas with voice can talk:
Add: /mode [#name] m (or +m)
Remove it: /mode [#name] -m

Quickly you can just double-click at the window and pick manually, at least at some clients.

Modes explanation here:

SET allows you to set various control flags, for channels that change the way certain operations are performed on them.

Type /cs help set for more information.

Command: /cs SET [#channel] [setting] [parameters]

Type /msg ChanServ help flags

Examples: /cs flags [channel] [target] [flags] or /cs set [#channel] [setting] [parameters].

Auto-voice in your channel when users join:

Add: /msg ChanServ flags #chan *!*@* +vV
Remove it: /msg ChanServ flags #chan *!*@* -vV

The TEMPLATE command allows definition of sets of flags.
Simplifying the use of the FLAGS command.

This got similarities to former xOP.

Type /cs help template for more info.

Command: /cs template [#Channel] [nick] [target flags]

Various of channel commands (entry msg, url, secure topic/channel etc):

a) If you want to keep your topic when you /q /close /hop, do: /cs SET [Channel] KEEPTOPIC ON

b) If you wish to put # URL do this (leave parameter to delete): /msg chanserv set #Channel URL [URL]

c) How to create an entry message or greet to your channel:
Type in /msg ChanServ SET #channel ENTRYMSG [message]

d) If you want to secure your channel and give ops to trusted: /cs set #channel secure on

e) Remember to double-click and in the channel pop-up, choose "Only ops can change topic/ moderators".

f) You can choose to make it a secret channel, hide it or add with password (flags/modes).

Commands for topic colors etc:

If you want to change /topic and colors attached to it:

a)Type /topic to change topic
b) Or just double click on the main-chat's empy space.

Colour scheme below:

Control + K + Color Number = Colored text
Control + B = Used for Bold test
Control + U = Used for underlined text
Control + R = Reverse text
Control + I = Italics text
Control + O returns your text back to plain black

Explanation how to use /topic color,bold tex, underline etc:
a) Type /topic in the chat box and your topic's message after /topic, like this /topic Welcome To This Channel!

b) Press then CTRL + K and a number from 1-16 and it will give you the colored text.

c) If you want to stop the next word from being colorized, then click on the Ctrl + 0.

d) If you want to have a color on a word and background behind it: CTRL+K NUMBER, NUMBER

e) If you're underlining or bolding a word, make sure you do CTRL + B/U before the word is starting and at the end of the word, in order to get an end.

More explanation on how it works, below:

Color schedule:




BOT for your channel: ChanServ [BOT]s:

a. /bs botlist (for a [bot] or /msg botserv botlist )

b. /bs assign [#channelname] [Bot nick] - To select the [bot] or /msg BotServ ASSIGN [#channel name] [botnick]

c). /msg BotServ Help For help with BOT commands.

d) /msg BotServ info [#] [BOT nick] for information about it.

e) /bs help set, Configures botserv bot options (Help with specific command: /msg BotServ HELP SET [command]).

Note: You must have 2-3 users when assigning the bot, or else you'll just end up with [email protected].

BOT's task with registered nickname at your channel:
When you've a [BOT] assigned to your #, the player/s will log-in automatically to their rank/mode, if you've set the rank as in above.

You can also right-click on your mouse on a certain player and go to "OP commands" and make a player a OP for instance, but he/she won't be OP next time he/she log in, therefore the [BOT].

Games for your channel + one IRC.TL added BOT:

a) You can always visit pages like: or in order to get [BOT]s and funny games to your channel.

b) You can also create an own bot, talking bot etc, youtube it. (

c) You can also connect a BOT from # to your forums, so you can view thread's names etc when someone paste.

d) IRC.TL ops have added a CloudBot, which is an open-source project, and this BOT here is called for blaster.

How to add it: /invite blaster [#channel].

How to use commands: $[command], example: $flirt.

Fun commands to use: $wyr, $time, $weather, $kill, $flirt, $insult, $compliment etc.

It depends on which access level of an user and what rights the blaster BOT have in a channel, some commands don't work for everyone using blaster, so they're reserved to higher levels, I give voice to my BOT, think it's enough.


Almost a complete list of every available command (note that not all cmds are activated on #cnr):

More info: $help [command] (After you've invited the BOT blaster to your channel you can use this command.)

$help Various of commands list pops up. (After you've invited the BOT blaster to your channel you can use this command.)

$about About the current version of CloudBot. (After you've invited the BOT blaster to your channel you can use this command.)

IRC bouncer/BNC:

You can get a "IRC bouncer" too, but it's quite not that needed, but with this, you won't miss chat, when you're offline, but who cares actually, but I thought to mention it, just google or youtube it.

More about BNC:

Modes/Ranks for your #:
color=red]~ Owner/Founder[/color] = +q is owner and +qo is founder mode.
SOP (SuperOP) = & (Higher admin: +ao mode.)
AOP(AutoOP) = @ (OP or moderator: +o mode.)
HOP(HalfOp)= % (Half-OP: +h mode.)
VOP(VoiceOP) = + (Voice rights: +v mode.)

And if you got none of these above, you're just a regular user at the channel you're at.

Issuing channel rank:

Add user: /cs access [#your channel name ] add [name of the user] [rank/level]
Remove user: /cs [rank] [#your channel name ] del [name of the user]

Remember also that this won't work if a player isn't registered on the specific IRC server and have a BOT assigned to your channel so the user will get his/her rank each time when log in.

Modes/Roles/Access level/Ranks:

Voice: VOP
Half-op: HOP
OP: @ = AOP
Super-OP: & = SOP
Founder/Owner: ~ = (Check how to add ~owner/s at 'Ownership'.)

Have fun! :)


Other guides:

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Post Re: Basic IRC commands
This is very nice, Good Job PlayToHard.
I Added to the List.

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 Re: Basic IRC commands
Sigma1 wrote:
This is very nice, Good Job PlayToHard.

Thank You, took some time to do it, but I hope this will somehow help players with IRC commands. :)


Other guides:

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Post Re: Basic IRC commands
Good Job! ;)


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Post Re: Basic IRC commands
Really helpful for new people ! Great work :)

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 Re: Basic IRC commands
Dimon_Kud wrote:
Good Job! ;)

papi wrote:
Really helpful for new people ! Great work :)

- Thanks :)


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Post Re: Basic IRC commands
Tnx. . .:)


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Post Re: Basic IRC commands
Sahad_ikr wrote:
Tnx. . .:)

- No problems mate :)


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Post Re: Basic IRC commands

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 Re: Basic IRC commands
ColgateCnR wrote:

- You're welcome!


Other guides:

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